Building a legacy of excellent pumping solutions

Since its foundation in 1985, Price has been providing industry experts with the most reliable Air Operated Double Diaphragm (AODD) pumps. Price pumps are self-priming, can handle viscous and abrasive products and can run dry without damage. Additionally, they do not employ costly motors, variable speed drives, by-pass plumbing or mechanical seals. Based in India, Price has emerged as one of the leading manufacturers of AODD pumps globally.

Benefits of AODD Pumps

AODD pumps are widely used for their safe and effective handling of fluids of varying viscosities. This makes it a versatile solution with various applications which is also cost-effective.

  • Runs dry without any damage
  • Efficiently pumps solid-laden fluids
  • Self-priming
  • Ability to deadhead safely without damage
  • Does not shear products while pumping
  • Does not need electricity, operates on compressed air
  • Initial purchasing price is less in comparison to other pumps
  • Performs well even when completely submerged
  • Sealless design without any packing requirements
  • Variable flow and head pressures

Why Price Pumps ?

Our complete line of metallic and non-metallic AODD pumps, offered in a wide range of sizes and flow rates makes pumping convenient. We provide the highest quality AODD pumps to our customers with an assurance of reliability, hassle-free delivery and durability.

Our facility and operations make us one of the leading AODD pump manufacturers in the world. At Price, we offer flexibility and support with the aim of making pumping easy for you.